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Duette Lens

Transform your vision with advanced Hybrid Technology 

Great and Stable vision | All-day comfort | Personalized Lens 
Imagine walking outside and everything looks clearer and sharper than you’ve ever seen it before. Transform your vision with Duette contact lenses: advanced technology, high-performance lenses to help you achieve better vision, even if you have astigmatism. And they’re designed especially for people who need to meet the uncompromising vision demands of their profession or lifestyle.

Duette Lens—What is It?


Duette combines two types of contact lens materials into one unique Duette lens. The center of the lens is made of a rigid material to give you sharp and stable vision. The soft skirt keeps the lenses

comfortable throughout the day.
No other contact lens uses the dual material design to provide clear vision and comfort in a single lens.
Plus, Duette lenses are personalized for your eyes to give you the great vision you deserve.

Am I a Candidate for Duette Lenses?

Do you have the right contact lens options for your astigmatic?
Do You Experience any of these Astigmatic Annoyances?

  • Blurry and Hazy Vision

  • Fluctuating Vision

  • Unstable Vision

  • Shifting Vision

  • Lens Rotation

  • Discomfort

If your answer is “YES” then Duette Lenses are the perfect fit for you!

The Duette Lens Process!


Initial examination, 

Corneal Topographer will be used to determine the shape, the refractive error and any possible corneal deformities.


Which may happen on the same day, where we will select a lens based on your corneal measurement and your eye sight strength

Follow Up Visits, 

One-to-two-week treatment phase where candidates use their prescription contacts
There is always the risk of infection without proper eye and lens care, so practice good hygiene and schedule routine follow-up eye appointments!

Duette Lens Insertion, Removal & Care Process

Duette Lenses 

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